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Rivers have always been at the heart of communities and drivers for change and growth.

Centuries ago, one river in particular - the river Irk - was key to Manchester's industrial revolution this long-forgotten River Valley lying at the northern gateway to Manchester City Centre will once again be the catalyst for pioneering transformation along two miles of unique landscape communities will be connected reinvigorated and established from Victoria Station to Queens Park unlocking three hundred and ninety acres of opportunity and creating 15,000 new homes. This will be a place for everyone.

Bustling urban neighbourhoods where established businesses and new ventures will thrive, a multimodal transport hub creating new collections acting as a catalyst for local growth and providing access to jobs leisure and recreation opportunities.

Built around families, vibrant communities will emerge with parks new schools and health care facilities. The River Valley will be a green artery bringing nature into the city centre. At the heart of this vision is a River City Park where lush green open spaces will promote walking and cycling. A model for healthy city living which would be a part of everyday life.

This is one of the largest and most exciting regeneration opportunities that will enable new and existing communities to thrive for generations to come.

Welcome to the future of the Northern Gateway [Music]

FEC and Partners will work with residents and local businesses. Together we will build on the very best of what the Northern Gateway has to offer.

The site covers approximately 155 hectares to the north of Manchester city centre between Victoria Station, NOMA and the Northern Quarter in the southwest, and Queens Park and the intermediate Ring Road (Queens Road) to the north-east.


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Housing options for everyone. A green thread connecting Victoria Station to Queens Park. Regeneration built around families, communities and nature. Through it all, a river teeming with life.

This vision is for better transport links to bridge the dividing roads, connecting people to a fast-growing city. Space for new enterprises, bars and shops, facilities for health, education and public spaces.


A collaborative project 
with Mancunian spirit